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insert 1“I like to paint Street Scenes because they allow me to back off and see the whole picture, sort of like getting a global view of things. Maybe it nurtures my god complex (just kidding.) As a kid I loved watching those Lionel Train T.V. shows where you could see a whole town in somebody’s basement. My Street Scenes do that for me. They also let me include people . . . busy people, doing things. I own a print of Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party (wish I had the original) and stare at it every day desiring to be there. That’s the mood I hope to produce with my Street Scenes. I want the viewer to want to be there instead of here. Take a look at these Street Scenes of a few of my favorite places. I have some originals and plenty of less expensive prints of all of them available. And I can even paint a portrait of your town or street if you send me a good photo. Give me a call at 727-381-7512.” . . . . . Mac

W e are very pleased with the painting. It really stands out at nighttime with the spot light on it” . . . . . Dr. and Mrs. Robert Burg

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